Last night: Time CD release show at hi-dive

Last night: Time CD release show at hi-dive

Time, A Clock, Damon JeVon, Agent Strange and Doctype
Thursday, October 8, 2009
Better Than:
That Alex Jones documentary on Bohemian Grove.

A Clock from Fort Collins kicked off Thursday's night show at the hi-dive, with his skilled sidekick, a DJ named Deadbeat, spinning jazz and R&B. Throughout his set, A Clock engaged in mid-tempo lyrical phrases that moved from spoken word into an explosion of rapid-fire slam poetry. With songs about self-discovery and self-affirmation, A Clock put in a solid set.

Last night: Time CD release show at hi-dive

For Time's set, Doctype and Damon JeVon joined AwareNess and Jeff (the live drummer) on stage for the best set Time's performed in Denver. Opening with the first track on Naked Dinner, "End of the Fork," the ensemble blurred the line between hip-hop, R&B and dark electronic pop. A powerful rendition of "Cockroach Goddess" was backed by its equal in "Portobello Cloud." For "Subterranean Homesick News," Extra Kool joined the crew for superb moments of lyrical wizardry. Doctype's vocal performance throughout was especially impassioned, particularly on "Sour Life." The set included strong performances of "Sorry for the Sorries," "Paraghnoid" and "Goodbye Fool World." And while Time would have ended the set with one of his classic freestyles, he was convinced to do an encore including what could be described as a "remix" of "Lumberjack  Love." Exhilarating from beginning to end, this was one of the Dirty Lab crew's finest moments.

Personal Bias:
I like everything coming out on Dirty Laboratory.
Random Detail: Ran into Iuengliss and Ancient Mith at the show.
By the Way: Xandy Whitesel made everyone sound startlingly great for this show.

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