Late Night Radio

As Late Night Radio, producer Alex Medellin combines the sensibilities of big beat with a distinctive crate-digger twist. He seamlessly blends traditional hip-hop samples like funk guitars, horn stabs and heartbroken vocal strands with such contemporary flourishes as thick, crisp saw basses and bleeping arpeggiation. "To the Moon" is anchored by the crisp guitar loop and disembodied vocals of a pitched-up psych sample, then iced by a goosebump-inducing string breakdown. For those who've been jonesing a little ever since RJD2's Deadringer came out, this one's for you. "For Dreamers" is a banger that might require you to limber your neck up in preparation. On the flip side are slower jams like "Can't Deny It," which is strictly intended for astral traveling. "Hole in the Wall" falls a little short of the cream of the crop — though that's a minor complaint about what is otherwise an impressive record.


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