LCD Soundsystem

This Is Happening, LCD Soundsystem's third album, has a notable duality to it. Although the music is impossibly catchy and danceable, James Murphy's lyrics — which have always contained a certain amount of bile — seem a little more toned down, and, well, perhaps a little depressed. But the album's not so much a depressing listen as it is a revealing and lyrically provocative one. Murphy's putting it all out there, only he's hiding it behind happy backing tracks to provide a biting social commentary on what it means to grow up hip. But while This Is Happening may be something of a downer upon multiple listens, live you can expect Murphy to lead a dance-party-like showcase filled with balloons and revelry. If Murphy is hurting these days, he sure doesn't want those who don't care to find out about it to realize as much.


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