Le Divorce at Summit Music Hall

Only a handful of people who have been part of the circuit of underground-rock shows in Denver since the early part of last decade remember Façade. Part dream pop and part jazz-inflected rock, the band put out one album before fading into the background in 2002. Its talented guitarist, Joe Grobelny, went on to later projects, including Jet Set Kate and, most prominently, Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story). In 2009, Grobelny teamed up again with Façade's charismatic frontwoman, Kitty Vincent. With the addition of bassist Ryan Stubbs and drummer Chris Durant, Le Divorce (due at Basscamp at Summit Music Hall on Friday, June 11) has quickly become a potent, atmospheric rock band. Like Failure minus all the fuzz and with a bit more emotional urgency, or Hum without the trappings of mid-'90s emo, Le Divorce makes splitting up sound like a painful yet healing process.


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