Les Georges Leningrad

Puppet heads, robot dancing, electro-punk and jazz improv? Add some cheap liquor, and you've got a recipe for one kick-ass migraine. This Wednesday, the cranial constriction will be applied by Les Georges Leningrad, a vibrantly surreal trio from Montreal infamous for its lurid, theatrical live shows and berserk flagellation of the no-wave and post-punk traditions. Led by a face-paint-smeared libertine known as Poney P, whose gurgling screech sounds like it's being yanked out with pliers, the group runs the slivered funk of the Pop Group and Erase Errata through a laissez-faire perversity that favors accordion drones instead of consonance and skipped records in lieu of sampled loops. Les Georges has toured with luminaries like Trans Am, the Locust and Le Tigre, and will appear at the Larimer Lounge alongside local agitators Mr. Pacman and Ultra Boys. Ibuprofen recommended.


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