Leslie & the LY's

Had Tracy & the Plastics started out in Ames, Iowa, instead of Olympia, Washington, they might have turned out like Leslie & the LY's. The act combines electronic pop with hip-hop and an obvious streak of playful weirdness that would make Peaches and Cindy Wonderful proud. The band's live shows are like traveling in a broken time machine back to a parallel dimension in which the setting of Napoleon Dynamite is real, and Leslie Hall — aka Mother Gem, group mastermind and sole permanent member, the Keeper of the Gems, owner of 150 sweaters adorned with intricate beadwork — really is the eccentric pop star she unabashedly portrays on stage. Touring in support of Back 2 Back Palz, Hall brings her quirkiness to country music, and when she does — oh, my!


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