Leslie and the LYs

As a rapper, gem-sweater museum curator, children's television-show star and overall Internet phenom, Leslie Hall covers quite a few bases. But when flanked by her crew, the LYs, the Iowa-bred diva becomes an audience-commanding, plus-sized powerhouse, unfurling tales of Maury Povich not-the-fathers, minivan rides to the club and other facets of a Midwestern existence atop her own basement beats. Breaking out in 2005 with Gold Pants, Hall introduced the viral world to her strip-mall-maven humor and love for all things bejeweled, using YouTube as the successful vehicle for her audiovisual art pieces. Over the last half-decade, she's managed to shoot far beyond her twenty-something social-networking fan base, making appearances on both the televised and touring renditions of eccentric children's show Yo Gabba Gabba!. Whether Leslie and the LYs are churning their butter or showing off their body rolls, their performances emphasize fun, including the importance of a sense of humor in a world of disillusioned pop-culture norms and Internet meme sensationalism.


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