Life Crew

As a singular cohesive document, the Life Crew's inaugural release falls short. It sounds like the disjointed effort of more than a dozen artists. Fortunately, that's what its creators intended. Meant more as a sampler, the disc deftly showcases the individual talents of this hip-hop collective's fourteen members. While each of the 27 tracks are blessed with some inspired performances, DJ AWHAT's turntable dexterity and the impeccable flow of MCs Deca, Ichiban and Mane Rok are what stand out. The disc's production -- overseen by Crew members Deca, Ichiban, Awok, (G)riot, Gunther B, Pirate Sygnl and Yonnas -- runs the gamut from lo-fi to glossy, and the material will appeal to those who gravitate toward a more cerebral aesthetic. Overall, the compilation is stellar. Catch the Life Crew this Friday, April 22, at the Bluebird Theater when they unveil the new disc and the Feelmode DVD (


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