Light Travels Faster

As its moniker implies, Light Travels Faster, which recently moved to Denver from Amarillo, Texas, isn't in a hurry. The latest EP by guitarist/vocalist Christopher Rigel and percussionist Kyle Fuller (recently joined by bassist Todd Spriggs) refuses to rush, championing long-term atmosphere over short-term impact.

"A Broadcast of Natural Resonance," the opening cut, is an aural collage that juxtaposes simulated radio chatter with ambient guitar and declamatory vocals. "Where the Universe Ends...," which follows, boasts more traditional bash-n-clash passages, but these sections wouldn't work nearly as well were it not for quieter moments before and after the storm. Likewise, the languid "Preface to the Stars" effectively sets the stage for "Everyday," an opus that builds toward chaos rather than exploding at the outset.

The only debit here is "Baca County, CO," which sticks to the beaten path. The men of Light Travels Faster sound better when they go their own way and take their sweet time reaching a destination.


Light Travels Faster


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