Tom Murphy

Light Travels Faster

When most bands leave their home town to pursue their fortunes, they generally seek out a place that's more financially and professionally viable. The members of Light Travels Faster, however, who originally hail from Amarillo, Texas, chose to come to Denver — not an especially astute career move on their part. Then again, the act's frayed and experimental music doesn't necessarily have what you'd call bankable mass appeal, so it's unlikely that the players moved here to become rich. All the same, their music has certainly enriched the scene. The sound is like watching the moon and stars reflect off the surface of a lake gently stirred by the wind: Equal parts lo-fi indie rock à la Modest Mouse and atonal atmospheric rock recalling mid-'90s-era Flaming Lips, it evokes a contemplative mood with moments of ragged intensity. Catch Light Travels Faster at the Larimer Lounge this Saturday, December 15, and tell the guys they made a good call by moving here.


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