Like magic, Carlo Lio perfectly melds house and techno

Although Carlo Lio has released a number of EPs and singles on various labels, it wasn't until last May that his first commercial mix (the highly anticipated SCI+TEC back-catalog blowout Past, Present, Future — Vol. 2) saw the light of day. That might tell you something about the priorities of this tech-house DJ/producer, who's been mixing up the scene in Toronto for several years now. He's been so busy producing quality tracks and playing an abundance of high-profile shows that until now he hasn't really had the chance to slow down long enough from his prodigious output and touring schedule to select and mix an album. Lio, however, was the perfect choice for the SCI+TEC label project, as his particular blend of tech-house is a prime example of what happens when you perfectly meld the mechanical feeling of techno with the soulful vibe of house: pure dance-floor magic that's bound to keep you on your feet well past your bedtime when he headlines NORAD this Saturday, February 9, with Danny Marin. e


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