Lil Slugger

Like invaders from the North Country, Greeley's Lil Slugger is something of a shockingly unexpected surprise — but in a good way. Rather than, say, looting, raping or setting things on fire, this ferocious foursome adds credence to the notion that some of the most compelling music comes from people in places that are relatively isolated, both culturally and geographically. Sounding like its members consciously rejected developments in music from 1985 to the present, Lil Slugger has created its own alternate history of underground music. The only obvious point of reference here is perhaps early Pere Ubu, circa "Heart of Darkness," or imagine the Residents jamming with the Pop Group — or an even more unlikely collaboration between Frank Zappa and Gang of Four. Some of the weirdest bands have the most mundane names, and Lil Slugger (due this Sunday, March 9, at the Larimer Lounge) is no exception.


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