Lil' Slugger/The Good Old Fashioned Sinners

If there's one thing that can be said for Lil' Slugger, it's that these guys don't sound quite like anyone else. The closest cousin to Slugger's side of this split might be Captain Beefheart, if he teamed up with lo-fi Lou Barlow on a comeback record produced by Chris Adolf. Imagine Hit to Death in the Future Head-era Flaming Lips, only weirder. The Good Old Fashioned Sinners sound a touch like the Replacements wandering in slow motion through a fantasy world peopled by the worst nightmares of Gibby Haynes and Helios Creed. None of this is recommended for people who like their psychedelic music melodic and pretty. But those for whom dark is not the antithesis of playful will find much to love.


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