Lil Thunder

"You can cut your wrist wide open and bleed out all of your miseries," sings Lil Thunder's Marie Litton on "Serpent and the Rainbow," the rousing opener to Razor Blades & Sunshine, the followup to the band's self-titled debut EP, released in 2011. It's just one of many poignant lines on the ten-song album penned by Litton, who previously fronted Ghost Buffalo. While she clearly has a knack for writing affecting lyrics, the diminutive Litton packs a powerful vocal punch as well. At times her phrasing recalls that of Neko Case, only in a higher register, especially on "Serpent and the Rainbow" and "Witchboard." Throughout the album, Lil Thunder (which also includes former Ghost Buffalo guitarist Tom Ventura as well as bassist Joey Coloroso and drummer Dan Fox) offers commanding, melodic pop rock, powered by those captivating vocals.


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