Lil Wayne recording from behind bars

Lil Wayne recording from behind bars

Used to be time when a stint in the big house would put a stop to an artist's recording career. Well, today we have evidence that time has passed. Jailed rapper Lil Wayne guests on the new Drake track "Light Up (Rikers RMX)" alongside Jay Z. Only, we assume Jay Z didn't phone his verse in over a shitty telephone connection the way Wayne did.

Despite his incarceration and having to sing into a telephone without (we assume) being able to hear the track, Lil Wayne sounds to be in not only good form, but excellent spirits. And not only is he keeping his skill set sharp, stunts like this help ensure he won't fade from the public consciousness before he's a free man again. Well played, Lil Wayne. Well played indeed.

Download the track and hear it for yourself (Right click and choose "Save File As"). [Via Fader]

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