Lineup for this weekend's Hot IQs BBQ is, well, hot!

Lineup for this weekend's Hot IQs BBQ is, well, hot!

Just caught a whiff of the lineup for this weekend's Hot IQs barbecue, and we must say it is absolutely, positively killer, friends. Besides being IQs' very last show ever -- unless, of course, the band plays the seemingly inevitable reunion show in a few years from now -- the lineup equates to nine hours of musical wonderment. Discount Cinema, a newer outfit that's got folks around town talking, headlines a bill that also includes the Kissing Party, Wire Faces, I Sank Molly Brown, Joshua Novak, Lion Sized, Accordion Crimes (Bryan Feuchtinger's new, post-IQs band), Pacific Pride and Motel Saints. Can't really imagine a better way to spend your lazy Sunday afternoon than drinking beers at the Larimer Lounge while bidding one of Denver's finest farewell and taking in some of the up-and-comers. You can certainly do worse.


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