Liondub spins the Unity Gain Reunion on May 14 at 2200

Bass-centric music seems to have taken center stage in the electronic world recently as dubstep has increased in popularity and DJs who used to specialize in drum-and-bass have shifted gears. Liondub is definitely a bass specialist, but he hasn't turned his back on jungle and reggae, the genres that helped launch dubstep into worldwide popularity. The Brooklyn-based DJ/producer — who has shared the stage with Sly & Robbie, the Fugees, Afrika Bambaataa, Damian Marley and DJ Kush, among others — draws from Jamaican roots reggae, uptempo drum-and-bass and hip-hop to create precise, explosive sets that are a treat to hear. Despite the similarities among the different genres and subgenres of music, there aren't many DJs who can connect the dots in a cohesive, coherent manner, and Liondub's easy flow from one track to another is definitely something you don't hear every day. When he drops a set at the UNITY GAIN Reunion party on Saturday, May 14, at 2200, with like-minded bass-centric supporters Mr. Anonymous and Psychonaut (with house/disco tunes provided by Patricia Hertz, Ejay and Ivy), the diversity is bound to blow your mind.


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