Lisa Shaw and Q-Burns Abstract Massage headline Bar Standard November 4

Full Flavor Fridays is about to double your pleasure: The formerly monthly event at Appaloosa has moved to Bar Standard and will hold down the dance floors on the first and last Fridays of every month. And to celebrate the debut of this double dose of underground electronica, resident Greg Campbell is bringing in not one, but two headliners: Lisa Shaw and Q-Burns Abstract Message (above). Fans of house music are no doubt familiar with Shaw's work, even if they don't know her name; her vocals have been featured on house tracks since 1995, and she's collaborated and toured with such producers as Miguel Migs, Fred Everything, Petal Pusher Live, Andy Caldwell — and Q-Burns Abstract Message. For his part, Q-BAM's sound is eclectic, but the remixer and producer remains hopelessly devoted to funky, danceable beats. His album Invisible Airline heavily featured Shaw and her gorgeous vocals; her voice and Q-BAM's whimsical rhythms and melodies are a match made in heaven. On Friday, November 4, Campbell and the Treehouse Collective's Khalib will share the bill for what's bound to be the first of many off-the-hook Full Flavor Fridays at Bar Standard.


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