Little Goose

Little Goose sounds much more powerful than a typical power trio during the best moments of Classic Gent. Thanks to expansive pedal effects and emotive vocal runs from guitarist/singer Eric Lovick, tunes like "When It Rains," "Freddy" and "Classic Gent" feel epic and ambitious, with the bluesy solos, funky rhythmic asides and forceful vocals all mixing together well. On "Little Bit More," Lovick's vocals recall the energy of a young Jonny Lang, and the bluesy accompaniment is just as fierce. But these high points hit alongside more understated stretches, as on "Something Good for You" and "Bourbon," where the blues, funk and rock punch from Lovick, Daryl Roe and Ellis Jackson feels much less refined. These slower moments have the forgettable feel of a background soundtrack at a small club or a large bar. There's potential on this record, but it comes amid some tiresome jamming and sloppy song structures.


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