Liza Oxnard could give Norah Jones a run for her money any day of the week. Straight out of the People's Republic, the erstwhile Zuba frontwoman and new mother has a bewitching voice that's easier on the ears than Katherine Heigl is on the eyes. Make no mistake, though: Liza, as she's currently known, is no one-trick pony who's all about jazzy torch songs. The mellow, introspective inclinations on her debut full-length, Bird on a Wing (due to be released this Friday, July 7, at the Walnut Room), are balanced by such rollicking acoustic rockers as "This Time," a cut that would make Shelby Lynne grin. A gifted guitarist as well as a singer-songwriter, Liza is keeping good company these days, with a lineup that consists of keyboardist Erick Deutsch (Charlie Hunter Trio), drummer Brian McRae (Freddy Jones Band), bassist Aaron Snyder, Glenn Taylor on pedal steel, and Ryan Tracy on guitar and backing vocals.


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