Lloyd Banks

The question of whether a performer can transfer everything that's impressive about a recording to the stage is particularly key in the case of Lloyd Banks, the first member of 50 Cent's G-Unit squad to get the solo treatment. The Hunger for More, Banks's debut disc, exceeds expectations, thanks largely to A-list producers ranging from K1 Mil to Timbaland, plus guest stars 50, Nate Dogg and Eminem, who turn up on "Warrior Part 2." Since he won't be able to lean on these shoulders live, Banks will have to rely on the basics: his songs and his voice. Lyrically, the Hunger tunes generally fall short of innovation; not only is the title "If You So Gangsta" typical, but so are lines like "If there was five of us/Then she's gonna probably suck four more dicks." Fortunately, tracks such as "On Fire," a summertime hit, are hip-hop hookaramas that Banks enhances with his subtle flow. It'll cost the curious the price of a ticket to discover if his delivery delivers the goods at this show, which also features Jean Grae, Big Noyd, Black Pegasus and DJ Chonz. Either way, the money will go to Banks. Appropriate, isn't it?


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