Locusts of Egypt

"Night of Lonely Zombies," from Locusts of Egypt's sophomore effort, Fondness, could easily be a long-lost '70s power-pop song; it also recalls the sound that Elephant 6 became known for in the '90s. Meanwhile, Jim Angell and Eugenia Appelhaus's higher-register vocals and the way they sit in the mix call to mind Big Star and Mercury Rev. This album didn't come out of Memphis, but it has that gritty, frayed-musical-roots quality that makes so much of that city's music so inexplicably compelling. Is it alt-country? Is it psychedelic? Is there some gospel influence here? Yes to all that and more. With Fondness (which the band will release on November 23 at the Sidewinder Tavern), Locusts of Egypt has created something contemplative yet visceral, soothing yet vibrant.


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