Logistixx is a technically sound rapper. With his ability to rhyme and ride the beat, he complements the music like a lead instrument would; on New Paradigm, this talent mixes with really dope beats to make the album a chill listen all the way through. As a lyricist, Logistixx is at his best on "Thrill," where he applies his rapping chops to words that carry a high level of emotional and mental investment. But tracks like "Turn It Up," which go down the more traditional, self-aggrandizing route taken by other modern MCs, are not as absorbing. Logistixx doesn't have the big personality of 2 Chainz or Rick Ross, but those large personalities are compensating for a lack of subject matter. At times, Logistixx shows that he actually has interesting things to say, which ultimately will prove to be much more rewarding than talking about a threesome he had.


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