Lords of Fuzz

Their moniker aside, the Lords hardly come across as aristocratic wannabes on Bruiser (the focus of a CD-release party on Friday, June 27, at the Lion's Lair, with the Get Down). They're more interested in garage rawk, and the dirtier the better. Oscar Ross doesn't sing so much as whine — although he does it like an over-revved engine, not a fussy six-year-old. Meanwhile, his rhythm guitar provides an ideal foundation for the expressionistic showboating of lead shredder Dr. Lanugo, whose maniacal solo on "Nice and Easy" keeps going even after the rest of the song has folded its tent. There's nothing new here, but the players' high-spirited hijinks make up for sound quality that's serviceable at best. And for that, at least, the Lords deserve praise.


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