Gigantic. Huge. Massive. Although those words aptly describe the production on Love.45's latest, they're also a perfect descriptor of what this act will be in a year. Love.45, slated for release on November 9, is a program director's wet dream, with at least a half-dozen potential singles (which explains why KTCL has already added "Way Down" to its regular rotation). With the help of producer Geoff Ott and 3 Doors Down's Chris Henderson, the band's songwriting has managed to become even tighter since last year's Seattle Sessions EP. While Henderson's Southern-rock fingerprints are all over the disc, you can still hear a little Yankee in the boys: On anthems such as "Way Down" and "So Loud" and ballads like "Fade" and "Promise," Danny Elster and Mick Shiver's vocal interplay sounds like Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades with a modern-rock makeover. Ultimately, those with an aversion to mainstream radio won't change their minds upon hearing this record. Arena-rock fans, however, will definitely feel the Love.


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