Lust-Cats of he Gutters at the Denver Creative Co-op Studio

Playing unvarnished, catchy tunes as though there had never been any interruption in the development of that strain of punk called riot grrrl, Lust-Cats of the Gutters (due Wednesday, November 25, at Denver Creative Co-Op Studio, 425 Lincoln Street) sound like the Shaggs without the perversely eccentric sense of melody. In the summer of 2009, the Lust-Cats received a Twitter comment from an unlikely source on its song "Revenge Bikini Body." The phrase "u wont like at all if yrpop" came from alternative-rock icon Courtney Love. With a mixture of jagged guitar work, go-go rhythms and an unapologetic feminist critique on the depiction and role of women in society, the Lust-Cats are well within the realm of similarly minded acts like Cavity and Bikini Kill. Much like the latter, this band proves that experts rarely create the most fun and empowering music.


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