Brian Williams started Lustmord in the early '80s, when he became involved in the world of music that included avant-garde luminaries like Throbbing Gristle, Clock DVA, Coil and SPK, which he ultimately joined. In June 2006, Williams broke a 25-year streak of no live Lustmord shows when he was convinced to play at the Church of Satan — the gig being an obvious appeal to his dry and absurdist sense of humor. Since then, he has performed around the world in spaces where his deep, hypnotic compositions can have their maximum effect. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with an array of artists, including the Melvins, Robert Rich and former SPK associate and renowned soundtrack composer Graeme Revell. Stop by the Backbeat blog for a full interview with Williams in advance of Lustmord's Communikey Festival appearance.


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