M. Pyres

Although the lo-fi quality of this recording rivals releases on the Siltbreeze imprint, its songs are similarly worthwhile for their earnest sonic character. Matt Sage, formerly of Castles and Swordfight, is the sole performer and songwriter in M. Pyres, and he brings with him an undeniable knack for superlatively catchy, sometimes driving, sometimes contemplative pop songs. At 21 tracks, Consider Me, Ghost is the fractured indie-rock equivalent of a Robert Altman movie with vivid character sketches, eloquently explored themes, and mini-dramas woven into a loose, larger narrative. Fans of early Sebadoh will appreciate the record's frayed edges and eccentricity. The numbered series of instrumental songs titled "Spectre" reinforce the sense of album as cinema by framing it all with the sounds of haunting isolation.


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