Made Up Minds

With the influx of soulless rap overtaking the airwaves, it's no surprise that passionate MCs are answering back with deep, soulful interpretations that recall the genre's golden era. Made Up Minds' latest release, Of Sound Mind, is the perfect example with its resounding beats, zealous flows and animated wordplay. Zet and Nato flex their intelligence throughout, without a trace of arrogance. On "Hard Heads," which is driven by a 1920s-era sample, the two MCs offer a nice contrast with their aggressive lyrics, and they execute a purposeful staccato flow on "Time Comes." On the production side of things, Nato showcases his creativity on "Of," an interlude that proves just as worthy as a full track. The closing cut, "Mind," provides no closure, but instead leaves you clamoring for more with its hyperactive beat and fascinatingly quick cuts.


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