Mane Rok

Mane Rok gives his take on love with a perfect balance of sweet and sour on the entirely Mr. Bostic-produced Saul Amore: A Modern Day Massacre. On "Addicted," the EP's opener and one of its best tracks, Mane comes in with a surprisingly controlled, low-toned flow. The cut is impressive from the very first lines, and Mr. Bostic's production adds an even more soulful flair. On "Get Mine," Mane enlists Zome of Diamond Boiz for the record's "Fuck you, pay me" joint, while Qwazzar skips away with the song "Happy Ending," setting the reggae-like rhythm of his flow against Mane's descriptive execution. Saul Amore is short and sweet, and the writing is superb. There is a sexiness to Mane's vocals throughout that will make you keep this one in heavy rotation.


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