Manufactured Superstars

As half of rave juggernaut Together Productions, founder of Beatport and talent manager for the Church and Vinyl, Brad Roulier has been a major player in Denver's nightlife for the past ten years. Now he's taking a turn at the decks, teaming up with Sean Sabo, aka DJ Sabotage, in an act they've dubbed Manufactured Superstars. Using emerging DJ technology such as Ableton Live and Final Scratch, the pair has taken a typical DJ set and crafted a musical concoction so diverse it defies all categorization. From '80s classics to hip-hop, techno to pop, Roulier and Sabo's mix is all over the map, and the result is one hell of a party. Manufactured Superstars make their debut this Friday, December 9, at Vinyl, complete with go-go dancers and men in fuzzy bear suits.


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