In 1997, Robert Schneider, a former Denverite whose best-known creation remains the Apples in Stereo, released some of his early recordings on Pyramid Landing and Other Favorites, a disc credited to the de facto pseudonym Marbles. But Expo isn't another odds-and-sods package. The ten-song EP displays sonic unity of a notably screwy sort, with the pop perfectionist transforming himself into a synth-happy new-waver.

"Circuit," the opening track, sets the mood with a snappy keyboard riff, robotronic background vocals and lyrics about electricity that are echoed throughout "When You Open," during which Schneider declares, "Hook me to a wire on your battery/I don't care what it does to me." And if "Hello Sun" is closer in style to typical Apples fare, it sports a slew of electronic touches, as well as a thank-you to Sol for providing Schneider with "energy."

At just over 25 minutes in length, Expo is less a major statement than an enjoyable goof. Fans will be pleased that Schneider hasn't entirely lost his Marbles.


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