Marco Benevento Trio

As half of the Benevento-Russo Duo, Marco Benevento played bass lines with his feet and held down organ and Wurlitzer parts with separate hands. But in the trio format, he's completely at home behind the piano, which he says is totally his ax. The forward-thinking Benevento usually makes some absorbing music by putting guitar pick-ups in a piano, using effects, samples, circuit-bent toys and loops. On his latest effort, the excellent Between the Needles & Nightfall, Benevento continues to have one foot in the rock realm and the other in the improvisatory jazz world while exploring new sonic territory, some of which was inspired by Krautrock pioneers Can. Joining him on these two Dazzle dates are Ween bassist Dave Dreiwitz and drummer Andrew Borger, who's performed with Tom Waits and Norah Jones. Stop by for a full Q&A.


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