Married in Berdichev

As the frenetic frontwoman of Mannequin Makeout, Brittany Gould caterwauls like a riot grrrl and croons like Siouxsie Sioux. So it's a bit surprising to listen to her work with her other project, Married in Berdichev, where she takes a turn as a more conventional vocalist. Make that slighty more conventional: With Berdichev, Gould uses a loop station to create elaborate choruses, which highlights her considerable vocal talents and her broad range as a songwriter. When she's not busy looping her voice, Gould accompanies herself on quieter songs with a guitar, while Mannequin keyboardist Inbar Kishonni pitches in on drums and Transistor Radio Sound's Nick Houde mans the bells. Fans of Karl Blau's pioneering work using found sounds and tape loops will dig Married in Berdichev (due at Rhinoceropolis this Saturday, May 12).


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