Martin Landsky spins at 2200 on November 23

Martin Landsky's deejaying career stretches back to the early days of rave and Hamburg's storied Front Club. Landsky (due on Wednesday, November 23, at 2200) frequented Front in the late '80s and early '90s, when the legendary Klaus Stockhausen was one of the first German DJs to mix continuously and play house and, later, techno. Landsky would go on to earn his own residency at Front, where he would make the acquaintance of another club regular, Steve Bug. That friendship eventually resulted in Landsky's longstanding association with Bug's Poker Flat imprint and the nearly two dozen Landsky singles and remixes that have appeared on the label since 2000. More recently, Landsky began a relationship with Mobilee Records; his first effort for the label, "Morning Caffeine," arrived over the summer.


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