Marty Jones & the Great Unknowns

Onetime Westword contributor Marty Jones knows a few things about boozing and singing, so it's no surprise that he'd dub his new five-song EP Drink & Song. While fronting his previous band, the Pork Boilin' Poor Boys, he penned quite a few tunes about imbibing, and he also booked bands at Oskar Blues. This time around, the king of barn rock's recruited some new blood, including guitarist Zach Boddicker, who's adds some tasty county-fried licks throughout the disc. On the opening cut, "Drinkin'," Jones croons about the sweet sound of glasses clinking, and on "Maintaining a 2.0," he sings about college life: "If you add my GPA to my BAC, the numbers will show, I'm maintaining a 2.0." On Drink & Song, Jones and company have crafted some kick-ass songs perfect for tipping back a few pints.


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