Matt & Kim

Have there ever been two happier humans than Brooklynites Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino? If so, they were probably institutionalized for having such a freakin' great time. Matt & Kim's new EP, a self-titled effort on the IHEARTCOMIX imprint, is a cheerful shambles built upon the simplest of sounds: Johnson's party-time keyboards, Schifino's kindergarten-style drumming, and lyrics that are not so much sung as gleefully shouted. Their upbeat approach is epitomized by the video for "Yea Yeah," which has the makings of a YouTube phenom. As they play the song in the clip, the two are pelted with food items (ketchup, flour, Froot Loops) before being attacked by costumed ruffians, including one guy wearing a banana suit -- yet their blindingly wide smiles remain resolutely undimmed throughout. The results are goofy, yes, but with an arty edge that suggests an actual aesthetic, and not just an obsession with whippits. Matt & Kim, who headline a bill featuring Dan Deacon, Transistor Radio Sound, Alexis and pictureplane, aren't lunatics; they just play them on web TV.


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