Matt Rissi takes his small-town electronica to Beatport Lounge

Matt Rissi (previously known as DJ Sonar) is proof that you don't have to be from a big (or EDM-centric) city to master mixing beats for dance floors around the world. This Iowa native has been weaving sets since the mid-1990s, but he's never been exactly what you'd call traditional; his live performances are a combination of mixing and live PA, with spontaneous splices and loops that add texture and groove to his minimalist-leaning techno sound (ideal for hours of foot-stomping bliss). Rissi's long been known for his powerful live sets, but lately he's been dabbling in production via his own label, Solar Cathedral Recordings, as well as on releases from Zuvaya Recordings, Enemy Recordings and more. This Friday, January 11, he'll join Josh Manke and Devious D for a Midwest Madness session in Beta's Beatport Lounge.


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