Matthew Moon

The hints of an epic journey are easy to find on I Am the Wind, the latest release from Matthew Moon. The record's twelve tracks all speak of wanderlust; whether Moon is describing nature, deep spiritual transformations or personal relationships, the constant theme here is movement. No wonder, considering these songs are from a span of several years, during which time Moon alternately lived in Peru, L.A., Aspen and Denver. Happily, there's plenty of continuity, too. Moon's words about transience are laid over a consistent score of strong vocals, tight guitar runs, compelling rhythm work and spot-on accompaniment from a cast of local luminaries, including Tom Hagerman of DeVotchKa and Hazel Miller, among others. Along with dynamic chords and solos from Moon on acoustic, electric and lap-steel guitars, these cameos help ground the record's lyrical undertone of exploration.


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