May Riots

When May Riots first broke out on the scene five years ago, the band was a likable, if splintery, garage-inflected indie-rock act. Envisioning something more expansive and sonically adventurous, founding member/guitarist/vocalist Moses Montalvo shelved the project for a few years before reassembling it last year and emerging with a heady, driving, mind-altering wall of sound that recalls the amphetamine-fueled psychedelia of the Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3 and 13th Floor Elevators. Boasting a who's-who lineup from the local underground, including former members of Dressy Bessy, the Dinnermints, Pinkku and the Denver Gentlemen, the band was named for the 1968 student protest in Paris that ultimately brought down the French government. Fittingly, May Riots (due to erupt again this Monday, March 19, at the Larimer Lounge, with Spindrift and Dead Meadow) embodies the same spirit of creative rebellion that inspired that uprising.


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