Mayer Hawthorne is an old soul.
jeremy deputat

Mayer Hawthorne

Although now based in Los Angeles, Mayer Hawthorne (born Andrew Cohen) grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Instead of following the route of proto-punk rock bands like the Stooges or co-opting the latter-day bluesy garage rock of the Dirtbombs, Hawthorne embraced the soulful sounds and perfect melodies produced under Berry Gordy's Motown imprint. Even a cursory listen to the guy's music leaves you wondering what decade it's from. The production, the singing and the instrumentation — the last two performed entirely by Hawthorne — is vintage Holland-Dozier-Holland, with the Funk Brothers sitting in. It could all be just another young white guy ripping off African-American artists, but Hawthorne's reverent treatment of the material does honor to the music that inspired him.


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