Mazarin's We're Already There hypnotizes with songs built on a bedrock of sculpted noise and drum rhythms that form a snaking maze of syncopation on each track. Lead singer Quentin Stoltzfusike croons with a melodically muffled tenor, sweet and crumbly -- like Robyn Hitchcock with all the limey scraped out. If you took the Beach Boys' harmonies, tranquilized them down a few notches and then slowly folded in My Bloody Valentine's white fuzz, you'd come close to Mazarin's dreamy intricacy. And the act is not averse to long and bizarre tangents: For example, "Schroed(er)/Inger" pops up in the middle of the record to veer into an instrumental freakout that sounds like "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" played by the Silver Apples. But Stoltzfusike (also the primary songwriter) never abandons the songs in the details for long; We're Already There bristles with solid pop gems that fight against the peripheral ambience and anchor what might otherwise dissipate into a fog of dull, dreamy drone.


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