Megasoid at City Hall

Megasoid got its start as a Montreal-based mobile sound system with a predilection for turning illegal and unconventional spaces into after-hours parties. The duo's aggressive street sound is based in hip-hop beats wrapped in edgy, innovative production that blends old-school electro and new-school noise into a unique, playful, bass-heavy sound. Staying true to its illegal roots, Megasoid's official releases are thin on the ground. Despite this, leaked tracks, mix tapes and bootleg remixes have done a fine job building its reputation among aficionados of electronic music's cutting edge. And when that situation changes in the near future — an album, hip-hop EP and some legitimate remix work are all in the works — look for Megasoid to claim its rightful place among the next wave of superstar producers. In the meantime, catch them Saturday, April 24, at City Hall.


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