Memorialize Monolith on the cheap

Memorialize Monolith on the cheap

Did you miss out on the Monolith festival, but want people to believe you were there? Or maybe you blew all your cash on a ticket and a few $7 beers, leaving you no funds to purchase the appropriate shwag to remember the event by? Or maybe you're like me, and you just couldn't face the prospect of carrying any more shit up and down the interminable stairs all day? Or maybe you just want to do some cheap-ass Xmas shopping? In any case, satisfy your Monolith needs with this big half-off sale. For what you would have paid for a beer or pretzel at the event, you can pick up a groovy T-shirt. For a few dollars more you can grab a stylish hoody that will not only keep you warm when you can no longer afford to heat your apartment, but will also remind you of one of the best concert events of the 2008 season (or 2007 season -- they have those in stock, too). It ends tonight though, so get on it. -- Cory Casciato


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