Men in Burka mix it up at Rhinoceropolis on March 8

You may have seen Kamran Khan playing bass and other instruments in Modern Witch — and while that band was one of a wave of acts that got lumped under the inside-joke genre "witch house," it also explored electronic minimalism, dark house music, dub and performance art, all informed by a visual artist's perspective and the use of layers, shading and composition. With Men in Burka (due at Rhinoceropolis on Thursday, March 8), Khan pushes the conceptual envelope further by blurring the meanings and images of the burka as both Caucasus-region menswear and the clothing worn by women in various Islamic cultures. Musically, Men in Burka is a mélange of experimental electronic music akin to that of a less warped Muslimgauze repurposed for a dance club — or of Big Freedia, if she took a trip to Cairo and clued the locals in on bounce.


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