MF Ruckus

The Motherfucking Ruckus (or MF Ruckus, for those with more delicate sensibilities) couldn't be more aptly named: Not only does the handle describe the musical mayhem these dudes create, both in the studio and on stage, but it's also a perfect description of what hell the band's sleazy hard rock will incite you to raise. The Dirty Half-Dozen, a CD/DVD combo, chronicles the unlikely rise of this group of hooligans, who started as a bunch of goofballs in the unfortunately named Forth Yeer Freshman and have since grown into a consummate band of ballbreakers playing a fierce, flawless brand of hard rock that owes as much to Thin Lizzy as it does to the Cult. With interviews interspersed with live footage, the video's got great production value, while the audio disc does a good job of capturing the band's live essence. Add in some excellent cover art, and Dozen is a must-have for hard-rock fans.


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