Mickey Avalon

Mickey Avalon's been through some shit, man. His mom had him selling weed for her when he was just a teenager. She fired him a little while later, though, when she discovered he was shooting up smack at the age of sixteen. And things only got stickier and trickier from there when he moved to Portland, where he began robbing cats and turning tricks to pay for his dope. Avalon eventually got cleaned up and, at the urging of his pal and former MTV personality, Simon Rex (aka Dirt Nasty), he started writing rhymes, the results of which can be heard on the former's self-titled debut. While many of Avalon's raps are downright lame, others such as "Waiting to Die" are unsettlingly honest: "A street walker selling cock for rock/At the flea market trying to hock my watch/I stay on beat when I work the concrete." Doesn't exactly sound like a rapper's delight.


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