Mike Huckaby

One of Detroit's most knowledgeable and respected producers and DJs, Mike Huckaby has been an integral part of that city's underground dance-music scene for nearly thirty years. Despite being a huge gearhead — his recording studio boasts a mind-boggling array of top-flight digital and analog equipment — Huckaby offers up DJ sets that are strictly old-school: two turntables and a mixer, vinyl only, equal parts house and techno. This is music for purists, aka the real deal. Huckaby manned the counter at Detroit's famous Record Time music shop for many years (the list of other notable employees includes the likes of Dan Bell, Rick Wade, Rick Wilhite, Claude Young and Magda). In 2011, he compiled and mixed Tresor Records 20th Anniversary, commemorating two decades of releases by the venerable German techno label.


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