Mike Judge on violence and the unbelievably valuable LP he wishes he'd never made

By Mark Masters

When Judge split up in 1991, it was in response to the growing skinhead violence of the time and the antipathy of their own fan base. "It was a fucking bloodbath," recalls vocalist Mike Judge. "We were having to fight at what felt like every show. Sometimes it was the one tough guy in town who wanted to take on the 'tough' New York dudes, and sometimes it seemed like a whole scene up against you.

"I had always enjoyed touring, it felt like me and six of my brothers living like pirates, but this was different. As time went on and the rumors about us grew, I could tell that my words weren't getting through to people and it just wasn't fun anymore."

Judge was never one to shy away from a fight, but the writing was on the wall for Mike and founding guitarist John Porcelly: either hang up your boots, or continue to suffer brutality at the hands of ignorant meat heads.

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