Mile High Makeout: A change of scenery

Mile High Makeout: A change of scenery

I often spend my Friday nights at one of our little town's grubby clubs, taking

in our finest local talent, and maybe a touring band or two. It's an

end-of-week ritual that I relish for its id-unleashing, community-embracing,

stress-relieving, grin-inducing catharsis.

Last Friday, my plan was to check out the sultry, soulful stylings of Heather Marie

Phillip at the Laughing Goat in Boulder. However, a smart, sexy and

never-boring woman whose company I relish as much as unleashing my id invited

me to join her at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret for Ms. Garrett's current

production, Under Paris Skies. Had

the invitation come from anyone else, I would have passed, but I'm glad, for

many reasons, that I accepted. On the heels of a particularly stressful week

that involved too many visiting hours in the hospital, I was glad for a mellow


As it turned out, I had a great time. Lannie's has a delightfully theatrical vibe

of faux decadence that is equally comfortable for night creatures like myself

and for the don't-get-out-much older folks who make up the bulk of the

audience. The real joy of the show, though, is the gypsy jazz quartet that

backs up Ms. Garrett's salty, hammy performance.

Inspired by Django Reinhardt

and Stephane Grapelli, guitarist Elliot Reed and violinist Dimitri Fisch lead a

smoking quartet through period-perfect arrangements that retain their vitality

and authenticity, in spite of Garrett's intentionally campy leadership. By the

end of the show, my definition of "local music" had expanded, and I was

grinning, relaxed and eager to dig out my Django records. Makeout accomplished. -- Eryc Eyl

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